About Us


 The cemetery grounds were consecrated by His Excellency, the Most Rev.  Archbishop Athenagoras of New York City, the Metropolitan of the Greek  Orthodox churches of North and South America in 1936. (See photo, left.) 

Our Eastern Orthodox chapel is called the Fountain of Life  (Παρεκκλησιον Τησ Ζωοδοξου Πηγης). 

Our chapel holds funeral services, all of the Saturday of the Souls (Ψυχοσαββατο) services each year, and has even held a wedding and a baptism. It is available for funeral or memorial services. 

Please contact us to inquire about rates and times. 


Our quaint chapel is filled with donated icons from many  different people. They make up an eclectic look and feel to our chapel.  Please be respectful as you would any other church. You are more than  welcome to come light a candle, but please leave the prayer books and icons in place when you leave.